Baby Tango Slings | User Manual Mockup

March 26, 2018
AAM Life Designs has recently designed the Logo, Style Guide and User Manual for Baby Tango Slings. Their product is sleek, stylish, and colorful and we wanted to create a brand to match.

Baby Tango Slings is a small business that is quickly growing. Out on the market, there are a lot of baby carriers that cost a FORTUNE. However, Baby Tango Slings delivers a high quality product that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Their product is safe due to their sturdy metal bands and breathable linen. Not to mention its FAST and EASY to place your baby in their slings. We at AAM highly recommend their product and encourage you to check out their line of stylish and affordable baby carriers. You can find their "Instagram", "Facebook", and "Etsy" Pages all by clicking one of the three links.

If you are in need of a graphic designer for your brand or product, contact AAM Life Designs. We are well experienced and are flexible in pricing and services. We want to make your business more profit and are here to serve YOU!
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