May Giveaway - Mother's Day Card

May 3, 2017

It's coming! Mother's Day is coming! Are you ready? Have you thought of what to get your mom? In case it hasn't crossed your mind yet, here is a free giveaway but... no envelope included. If you haven't noticed, it matches the "Mother's Day BannerI posted earlier. 

Need some more help? Sometimes writing a card can be so daunting! What do I write? How much do I write? Where do I start? STOP! Don't freak out! Let me help you! Here are a few things you can start/add to your card:

1. Write down your favorite childhood memory with your mom
2. Write a favorite memory from this last year
3. A verse, poem, or movie character that reminds you of your mom
4. Your favorite thing about her (hugs, food, style)

Download the card "here"

Hope that gets you started. Have fun making your mom smile! You can NEVER write to much to her! 
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