November 4, 2016
Why Hello There!

My name is Hannah P. I am a freelance graphic designer making my humble beginning here on my portfolio/website. I enjoy creating things to celebrate life itself be it invitations, business cards, posters, or just a card. 

I never thought I'd get into graphic design until I got engaged. Then, I realized that it was hard to find different styles that I liked that were for affordable prices. Luckily, I started making my own invitations with the help of my uncle and grandfather who both ran and owned a print store. I was able to create some of the best wedding invitations and rehearsal cards that I've ever seen. 

The creativity didn't stop there. I quickly realized that due to the ever changing and fast-paced life events that I was always going to be making/needing new designs. Since then, I've done over 35 designs for myself, family, and friends. I always proudly partnered with my uncle's printing business A&M Design Print to get the best deals and still do. 

My little and humble company is called AAM Life Designs because I wanted to remember who I am and remember the people who helped start me down this path. 
My Grandfather started the business to stand for "American & Mexican Design Print". He was a proud Mexican-American who loved to do business in his community. I decided to take on the same name but I added another "A" for "Asian" because my grandmother was Japanese. 

I'm hoping to use this website as a way to share and celebrate all of the life designs that come my way. Feel free to follow, comment and come back to check out all of the monthly free designs I will be giving out!

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