Irene's Birthday Fiesta

August 3, 2018

Birthdays are a cause for celebration. 90th birthdays are a cause for a FIESTA! 

This invitation infuses Mexican wildflowers into the design and displays all the information clearly.
Due to the birthday person not accepting gifts, we worded it with "To aide Irene's memory, please no gifts or cards" 

Why waste the space in the back of the invitation?
The back of the invitation works as a verse you can use afterwards as decoration for the party or even a gift for the attendees. 

Though, I wish I were amazing at painting watercolor flowers by hand, I would like to thank @lagartixashop for the designs! 

Mockup of Baby Tango Slings Business Card

April 25, 2018
In under a week, AAM designed and scheduled printing for Baby Tango Slings' Business Card. It was a fast turnaround and we couldn't be more excited for the finished product.

Since Baby Tango Slings is a product, we not only included the social media and standard contact info, but also incorporated a photo of the sling to showcase a wonderful product to make a lasting impression.

If you are interesting in a baby sling, we highly recommend them! They are comfortable, affordable, and easy to use. It was an honor and thank you for your business Baby Tango Slings!

San Diego Recommendations

This year will begin my third year being a San Diego Local. I'm still learning what spots to go and new placed to try. I've created a list of places to Go, Eat, and things to do in San Diego that are all pretty close by to my home. Sometimes friends ask for recommendations and these are the general things I recommend to them.

If you ever find yourself wanting to visit San Diego and need some suggestions or recommendations, go to my list located "here" for all three lists combined.

Enjoy exploring San Diego! There's lots to do and the weather is (almost always) agreeable.

Marked Ministry Online Magazine: April Announcement Graphic

March 30, 2018
While working for Marked Ministry, with some announcement graphics I get more excited with others. This one definitely gave me pre-chills!

This is such a great photo of the album cover for Audrey Assad. We don't always have photos sent to us from the various people who are showcased (hence, the march graphic) and then we might have the nightmare of having to chose from one of their many (and sometimes not high quality) photos found online.

Audrey Assad has such a cool graphic and style for her album cover. It was truly an honor to take something so classic and add the details of Marked Ministry's April Issue to the photo.

Baby Tango Slings | User Manual Mockup

March 26, 2018
AAM Life Designs has recently designed the Logo, Style Guide and User Manual for Baby Tango Slings. Their product is sleek, stylish, and colorful and we wanted to create a brand to match.

Baby Tango Slings is a small business that is quickly growing. Out on the market, there are a lot of baby carriers that cost a FORTUNE. However, Baby Tango Slings delivers a high quality product that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Their product is safe due to their sturdy metal bands and breathable linen. Not to mention its FAST and EASY to place your baby in their slings. We at AAM highly recommend their product and encourage you to check out their line of stylish and affordable baby carriers. You can find their "Instagram", "Facebook", and "Etsy" Pages all by clicking one of the three links.

If you are in need of a graphic designer for your brand or product, contact AAM Life Designs. We are well experienced and are flexible in pricing and services. We want to make your business more profit and are here to serve YOU!

March Giveaway - Kids Sticker Chart

March 14, 2018

This may seem like a very random thing to give as a printable giveaway but it's not! As a parent, we're constantly (or should be pretty consistent) in teaching our kids and praising their accomplishments. There are a lot of sticker charts out there on the free internet, but none are something that's simple and cuts back on ink like this one.

I am currently the parent of a potty training toddler that LOVES stickers. I kept this from saying "My potty chart" because what if someone wanted to use this for something else their kid needs encouragement in like cleaning their room or brushing their teeth etc. I want you to use this for what you might need to motivate your kids with.

I would recommend using this for preschoolers. Anything older than that age is likely to not work... try money. 😅

You can download the link off of my google drive located "HERE"

Why Hire A Graphic Designer?

March 12, 2018
For the classic entrepreneur, you have a great idea, business, or product. You have greatness upon you! As a graphic designer I'm not writing this article to get you to hire me (thought it would be appreciated), I am writing this to try to help grow your business and part of that is through hiring a Graphic Designer. 


If it seems to you that a Graphic Designer might be an unnecessary aspect of your business, then you are wrong. These days there are so many programs and websites that help design for you such as vistaprint, costco, goprint, moo, staples, etc. We like to call these "cookie cutter designs" because they are all the same shape, size and feel. However, cookie cutter designs mean one thing: you and probably a thousand other people out there have the SAME DESIGN! Hiring a graphic designer means you will get an original design that no two people have. This will establish a one-of-a-kind brand for yourself that no one else can use. (If someone steals your design, it does give you a right to legal action).


Have you ever seen a design like this that looked TERRIBLE? The information was all over the place while the images were pixelated and distorted? A graphic designer will create beautiful and clear designs that will draw customers to your business NOT scare them away. Plus, if you plan on using social media for your business, there are different size files that need to be made. Instagram, twitter, facebook, and yelp all require various file sizes for optimal viewing. A graphic designer will make sure all the designs are top quality.


With just a glance, can you tell the difference between an advertisement for Target and Walmart? If you can, then you've successfully identified their brand. Branding for your business is vital these days. It establishes trustworthiness for the customer. They see your brand style and know what they can expect from your business, be it quality service, low prices, trendsetting styles, etc. A good graphic designer will be able to create a branding for your business and will use a style guide to be sure that all your designs and promotions meet the criteria for your brand's marketing and style. 

As a graphic designer, please know that we are here to help your business thrive. We hope this information helps you on your business endeavor. Our goal at AAM Life Designs is to deliver professional results with quality service. We hope to one day work with you in the future! In the meantime, please subscribe to our articles and follow us on social media. 

If you are curious if we can be a good fit for your business, contact us so we can stay in touch!

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