Mockup of Baby Tango Slings Business Card

April 25, 2018
In under a week, AAM designed and scheduled printing for Baby Tango Slings' Business Card. It was a fast turnaround and we couldn't be more excited for the finished product.

Since Baby Tango Slings is a product, we not only included the social media and standard contact info, but also incorporated a photo of the sling to showcase a wonderful product to make a lasting impression.

If you are interesting in a baby sling, we highly recommend them! They are comfortable, affordable, and easy to use. It was an honor and thank you for your business Baby Tango Slings!

San Diego Recommendations

This year will begin my third year being a San Diego Local. I'm still learning what spots to go and new placed to try. I've created a list of places to Go, Eat, and things to do in San Diego that are all pretty close by to my home. Sometimes friends ask for recommendations and these are the general things I recommend to them.

If you ever find yourself wanting to visit San Diego and need some suggestions or recommendations, go to my list located "here" for all three lists combined.

Enjoy exploring San Diego! There's lots to do and the weather is (almost always) agreeable.

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