April Giveaway - Matthew 28:6 Poster

March 27, 2017

Ladies and Gentleman, as if the seasons could not get better, Spring has arrived! Not only that, but one of the most important holidays to remind us of why we have hope has arrived as well. Easter is not just a time to celebrate bunnies and eggs and getting a little basket from your mom, but a time to remember that we can have hope in one day being raised from the dead just as Jesus was over 2,000 years ago. 
I hope you enjoy this giveaway and find a place to post it around your dorm, room, or home as a reminder that we can have hope because Christ gave us hope when He died on the cross for our sins. 

Kait's Lipstick Lounge Business Card

March 24, 2017

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of redoing a business card for Kait's Lipstick Lounge. We kept the theme that I used when I made her a banner a few months ago. I think it came out great and the pop of fuchsia that she requested really pulled it together! Thanks Kait for your business! I hope you enjoy your new business cards!

Lily Fields Vintage

March 10, 2017
Throughout January, I had the privilege of designing a new logo for the rebranding of Lily Fields Vintage. I was so privileged to work with their founder and owner in creating a unique and simple design to showcase their new look. Sometimes, less is more. That was definitely the case with the logo for Lily Fields Vintage. The single calla lily adds decor to the logo while not creating a distracting look. Feel free to check out their website at lilyfieldsvintage.com and even visit their store if you're in the Santa Paula area! I hear the storefront sign is going to be installed soon!

Valentines Day Party Games Giveaway


Doing a Valentine's Day party? Here's two printable giveaways that I made for a Valentines party my cousin and I threw for our family. The first is a poster for guessing how many hershey's kisses are in the jar. The second is the printable sheets for the guesses of the partygoers. The Third page is a black and white [budget friendly I might add] sweetheart bingo game. Simply have the partygoers put sweetheart candies all over the bingo sheet and the moderator takes out a sweetheart candy from a bag one by one. The moderator then shouts out the Message written on the sweetheart and the partygoer with the message takes one off. If you can't read the message, I recommend telling them the color then they can take out a sweetheart with the same color. We had a rule though: no doubles! So if they have more than one heart with the same message then they can only take off one heart still.

We played "blackout bingo" which means the player with all their sweethearts gone wins!

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