Marked Ministry Online Magazine: August-September Announcement Graphic

September 14, 2017

These two months marked the first vertical layout of information. It wasn't because it was planned but simply because of the choice of photo. I'm proud of how it came out and I hope you check out one of these amazing articles! 
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Marked Ministry Online Magazine: June - July Announcement Graphic

September 13, 2017
Here we are again with another announcement for Marked Ministry. June and July were super interesting reads. I encourage you to check it out. 

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Marked Ministry Online Magazine: April-May Announcement Graphic

March began an exciting time for me as I began doing graphics for Marked Ministry, an online magazine for young women of all ages. 

Part of my tasks has been to create an announcement graphic that contains details of all the upcoming issues for the month. It's an honor serving with this magazine and as each month goes by I get even more excited to help with this amazing Ministry. 
Be sure to check them out at
H A N N A H     J A C O B
cell | 951.445.1700

May Giveaway - Mother's Day Card

May 3, 2017

It's coming! Mother's Day is coming! Are you ready? Have you thought of what to get your mom? In case it hasn't crossed your mind yet, here is a free giveaway but... no envelope included. If you haven't noticed, it matches the "Mother's Day BannerI posted earlier. 

Need some more help? Sometimes writing a card can be so daunting! What do I write? How much do I write? Where do I start? STOP! Don't freak out! Let me help you! Here are a few things you can start/add to your card:

1. Write down your favorite childhood memory with your mom
2. Write a favorite memory from this last year
3. A verse, poem, or movie character that reminds you of your mom
4. Your favorite thing about her (hugs, food, style)

Download the card "here"

Hope that gets you started. Have fun making your mom smile! You can NEVER write to much to her! 

May Giveaway - Mother's Day Banner

April 29, 2017

Ever since I had my daughter, I thought "Awesome, now I get to be a mom who get stuff for Mother's Day!" 
My first Mother's Day I asked my husband what he plans on getting me for Mother's Day. He quickly replied and said "Nothing. You're not my momma."     - Needless to say, I was annoyed but amused at his quick wit.
For those of you KIND and LOVING children who actually get your mom a gift on Mother's Day, How about a banner to decorate your mom's kitchen, room, car etc? I have two different types of banners for you to choose from: floral or plain. Maybe your mom isn't into the whole floral pattern or maybe you don't want to shell out tons of money in printing 10 color pages at fed ex and decide to just color your black and white copies instead. I got you covered! 
Oh, and an FYI, make sure you print out multiples of the O and M for the banner. 

I hope you and your MOM enjoy this!

Here's the link for the PDFs of the letters on google drive. (Don't worry, there's no viruses on these. I promise)

Free PDF of Plain Banner

Don't forget the matching card I made for the floral banner! Check it out at this post!

Giveaway - LaLaLand Poster

April 28, 2017

This is a "bonus" giveaway I guess you could say. My husband and I are going to be redecorating our bedroom. Since he's a huge fan of music, he's letting me design our room with a music theme. Thus, I make the LaLaLand poster for him. I'm planning on hanging it above our piano. It'll be a nice touch to the room I believe. I hope you like it! Follow the link below to print one of your own!

April Giveaway - Matthew 28:6 Poster

March 27, 2017

Ladies and Gentleman, as if the seasons could not get better, Spring has arrived! Not only that, but one of the most important holidays to remind us of why we have hope has arrived as well. Easter is not just a time to celebrate bunnies and eggs and getting a little basket from your mom, but a time to remember that we can have hope in one day being raised from the dead just as Jesus was over 2,000 years ago. 
I hope you enjoy this giveaway and find a place to post it around your dorm, room, or home as a reminder that we can have hope because Christ gave us hope when He died on the cross for our sins. 

Kait's Lipstick Lounge Business Card

March 24, 2017

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of redoing a business card for Kait's Lipstick Lounge. We kept the theme that I used when I made her a banner a few months ago. I think it came out great and the pop of fuchsia that she requested really pulled it together! Thanks Kait for your business! I hope you enjoy your new business cards!

Lily Fields Vintage

March 10, 2017
Throughout January, I had the privilege of designing a new logo for the rebranding of Lily Fields Vintage. I was so privileged to work with their founder and owner in creating a unique and simple design to showcase their new look. Sometimes, less is more. That was definitely the case with the logo for Lily Fields Vintage. The single calla lily adds decor to the logo while not creating a distracting look. Feel free to check out their website at and even visit their store if you're in the Santa Paula area! I hear the storefront sign is going to be installed soon!

Valentines Day Party Games Giveaway


Doing a Valentine's Day party? Here's two printable giveaways that I made for a Valentines party my cousin and I threw for our family. The first is a poster for guessing how many hershey's kisses are in the jar. The second is the printable sheets for the guesses of the partygoers. The Third page is a black and white [budget friendly I might add] sweetheart bingo game. Simply have the partygoers put sweetheart candies all over the bingo sheet and the moderator takes out a sweetheart candy from a bag one by one. The moderator then shouts out the Message written on the sweetheart and the partygoer with the message takes one off. If you can't read the message, I recommend telling them the color then they can take out a sweetheart with the same color. We had a rule though: no doubles! So if they have more than one heart with the same message then they can only take off one heart still.

We played "blackout bingo" which means the player with all their sweethearts gone wins!

March Giveaway - Isaiah 40:8

February 28, 2017

March is a great month. Not only is it my birthday month, but it's the month when cherry blossoms are in bloom throughout mainland Japan. In Okinawa, Japan, where I lived during Jr High and High School, the cherry blossoms would come a lot earlier than the blossoms in mainland Japan. Some can be white, some are pink, you never know! It all depends on what color tree you have.

I have quite the obsession with Cherry Blossoms. My restroom is decorated with it along with my back! (Yeah, it's a tattoo of a cherry blossom branch. Just don't mention it to my mom because she hates tattoos... oh and she has seen it, she just hasn't had a chance to scratch it off yet)

The Verse here is Isaiah 40:8, "The grass writhers and the flowers fade but the word of the Lord stands forever."

This month, everyone is going for more of the "luck of the Irish" type feel with the four leaf clovers and all, but just remember that all the things we strive for on Earth don't last. Trends, people, seasons, and places all change but the word of the Lord stands forever.

Sample - Watercolor Floral Bridal Shower

February 10, 2017

I think with each party I help with, the more I go all out! Here's some samples of the graphics I designed for my friends Bridal Shower. I made the Front and Back of the Invitations, an address poster, and two game handouts specially for this shower. It came out great! If you're looking for someone to handle all the graphic details for your party or shower I'm the girl! 

Sample - Pumpkin Baby Shower

If you are hosting a baby shower then go all out! That's what my cousin did when we hosted this adorable Pumpkin Baby Shower. I not only made the invitations but I also made a list of prayers for the baby to give to her momma. A new baby in the family is a time to celebrate!

Sample - Military Retirement Party Invitation

What better time to celebrate than an upcoming Retirement! If you are planning your or a loved one's retirement party, be sure to get some professional invitations like these to celebrate in style!

Sample - Star Baby Shower Invitation

Yes, I loved this theme so much that I used it for myself when I was expecting my daughter. We did both a Gender Reveal Party invitation (Bottom) and a Baby Shower invitation. Both parties were SO much fun and FABULOUSLY decorated. 

Sample - Baked By Bre Business Card

A Business Card can have a dual purpose: to give your customer the information they need and product branding. The front of this business card can be taped on any cake boxes or treats to brand the sweets as a product of Baked By Breanna. 

Sample - Birthday Invitation

Why yes, I do design for myself and I'm not ashamed of it! I designed this invitation for my Daughter's first birthday Party a the beach. Things went wonderful and the weather was perfect! I loved how cute the flamingos turned out and how cute my daughter is. *pats self on back

Sample Invitation Card - Airplane Theme

I had so much fun designing this invitation for my friend's College Graduation Party. The venue was at an airport hangar and the invitation conveyed the venue perfectly! Sometimes going the extra mile for a great invitation is well worth it!

Side note, names have been changed as well as phone numbers. 

Sample - SGF Business Card

Here's a design I did for a client's Security Glass Films company in Puerto Rico. The names, email, and phone numbers have been changed so I don't recommend contacting him there but if you're interested the website is still correct. 

Sometimes, clients can be worried that a business card won't have enough space for the type of information that they want but as seen on the back of the business card, I'm quite savy in making sure everything fits perfect. 

February Giveaway - Valentine's Day Card

February 3, 2017

If you didn't read the last post I'll tell you again: I love Valentine's Day. Here's a card I made for my husband. It's only February 3rd so he hasn't gotten it yet. Don't spoil it for me and tell him or show him! If you enjoy cute and cheesy humor like I do then feel free to print this yourself too! Happy Valentines Day! 

February Giveaway - Valentines Day Poster

January 31, 2017

Nothing is better than a day set to tell everyone how much you love them. When I was a kid and Valentines Day came I loved waking up and seeing chocolate and a little stuffed animal on my bed. 

To celebrate this fun holiday, I've made myself a valentines poster to decorate in my house. I hope you like it and can use it somewhere. Also, don't forget that I take requests for giveaways! Just leave a comment and who knows... I might make it for you!

Free Psalm 51:10 Poster

January 6, 2017

A New Year requires a New Years resolution for some people. Mine are pretty simple: Find a new apartment, get my daughter started in preschool, and keep on graphic designing. However two days ago I realized all I need this year is to pray this verse and make it happen in my life. 

I hope you enjoy this poster and find somewhere to post it around your house or office!

Yearly Bill Recorder and Weekly Planner

January 3, 2017

I love starting my year off right. Especially when it comes to the area of organization and saving money. 
I designed a week planner that can be printed at home via color or greyscale and a bill log you can keep all year long and mark off when a bill has been paid. 
I hope you like it! 

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