March Giveaway - Kids Sticker Chart

March 14, 2018

This may seem like a very random thing to give as a printable giveaway but it's not! As a parent, we're constantly (or should be pretty consistent) in teaching our kids and praising their accomplishments. There are a lot of sticker charts out there on the free internet, but none are something that's simple and cuts back on ink like this one.

I am currently the parent of a potty training toddler that LOVES stickers. I kept this from saying "My potty chart" because what if someone wanted to use this for something else their kid needs encouragement in like cleaning their room or brushing their teeth etc. I want you to use this for what you might need to motivate your kids with.

I would recommend using this for preschoolers. Anything older than that age is likely to not work... try money. 😅

You can download the link off of my google drive located "HERE"
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